Tamilan Kalaikoodam

About Us

There is a general theme for photography is “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”. In such prominence field, we play an ascendant role from 2004 in Madurai in the name of Tamilan Studio. We are full of professional & vibrant photographers with the updated technologies.

Mr Raja Rajan is the founder of Tamilan Studio has photographic exposure nearing two decades. Mr.Rajkumar is a third generation guy from a family who never easily satisfied in his clicks till he gets the best. He is one among the best in all types of photography including candid. Simply says, He is updating the latest technologies to satisfy his clients.

Tamilan Studio is the latest and modernized photo studio in and around Madurai District. The reason for being a topper from 2004 is, we don’t shoot what it looks like; shoot what it feels like.

We also design our clicks with creativity for post-shoot work. Our quality of work is based on the quality of materials. So only, still we are in a peak, with our repeated Customers and Corporate Clients. Another reason is to keep our customers with us, is the quality of service. We always give our clients more than what they expect to get on time without delay.

Beyond photo-videography, we also do photo print on accessories and sale of camera and its accessories. We know how much value you are; you know how much we need for you. We need your support.